NGO’s & Social Responsibility

[ Big Friend Giant ]

The Big Friendly Giant, also known as the BFG, is a beloved character created by Roald Dahl. Standing at over 20 feet tall, the BFG is a gentle giant with enormous ears and a kind heart. He lives in Giant Country and spends his days collecting dreams to bring to children.

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[ Blood Donor Organization ]

Since our inception in 2016 we have been a premier blood donation campaigner, organizing camps for donation and providing donor-recepient connections. We have strong presence in West Bengal, Assam and Bangladesh and are hopeful to take it to the whole world with YOUR support.

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[ The Kolkata Education Society ]

The Government of the country does what best it can to impart education, however it’s only natural that voids do and will remain. Debating its causes and rectification factors are great for analytics and paper work but seldom help the real cause.

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